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Liberty Portable Mobility Systems: Testimonials.


"The EasyTravel is my companion when I go shopping I can get around faster and enjoy the ride. It takes only a short time to take it out of the car and unfold it and, when shopping is done, to fold it up and put in the car between the seats. Bystanders are surprised to see it being folded up. It also gives me a special seat when I go to church. I have my special parking place during the worship service. I couldn't ask for a better method of transportation. I won't part with it until I depart from this life."



"I have cerebral palsy, but I have not let that stop me throughout my life. My present employment involves traveling a seven-state area by automobile. I bought the EasyTravel because I like shopping malls, sporting events, and international auto shows, which are made a lot easier and more enjoyable by it. I especially like the EasyTravel because, even though walking with the aid of crutches, I can put it in and take it out of the trunk of my car by myself. Also, it fits in the trunk of my compact sport coupe with room for luggage."

-Thomas J. Becker


"I almost aborted a trip to Europe this spring when I discovered how difficult it would be to travel with my regular scooter Gladys--couldn't take her on the train, need to order special taxis from airports, couldn't lift her into rental vehicles.

Instead (with EasyTravel) I rolled right to the door of airplanes, hailed taxis on the street, rented the smallest and cheapest vehicles. Back home, she can happily go in friends' cars. True, I can't take her everywhere--no big hills or tortuous roads--but she's a godsend--so I named her The Goddess."


I am a male of 62 years. I reside in Canada and am thinking of holidaying in Australia. I suffer from MS and am confined to a scooter. I was introduced to the Easy Travel scooter about two years ago. I can honestly say that it was one of the best things that have happened to me for a number of reasons; Firstly it has given me the freedom to roam the shopping malls, Secondly it has given me the ability to go places I could not go before; Thirdly it has allowed me to carry on working.

Any scooter would have allowed me to do the above but more importantly the Easy Travel has allowed me to keep on driving my sedan motor vehicle without going to the expense of getting a van, because the Easy Travel folds up and goes into the trunk of my vehicle. It is extremely maneuverable. I would not entertain the thought of using any other scooter. That is why I have contacted the supplier of the Easy Travel in Australia.

-Selwyn Janit

BKHello Helen & Laurie

Just thought you may be interested that we Val and I took the Liberty scooter to the park this afternoon and I rode along the gravel path with no problems at all. We managed to asemble it with very little problems and back into the car boot with NO trouble at all.

Great machine was able to drive to creek and ride along the path without any troubles. Hope you like the photo which Val took today.

Thanks. Adrienne

Dear Gavin

I have no hesitation in stating that the PD4 is wonderful and does all your brochure sets out. In the short time I have been using the PD4 on our wheelchair my upper arms & shoulders have never felt so good-no pressure from pushing, inside on carpet covered floor (quite large area in total) or outside on footpaths etc.

Detaching and attaching for transport purposes is a breeze.

Our Physio here agrees with our results and has your contact for her reference if the need arises at other places she operates as physic.

Once again thanks for your courteous service.

- D.H.Gordon


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