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Liberty Portable Mobility Systems:
Questions & Answers.

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Where can I buy the Liberty Easy Travel?
Contact Head Office for your nearest dealer.

Phone: 1300 657 818
Where can I see and test drive the Liberty Easy Travel.?
Please contact us on our toll-free number 1300 657 818 and we will discuss solutions to your individual circumstances.
I don’t live in a capital city and am interested in the Liberty Easy Travel.
Please contact us on 1300 657 818 to discuss your location and how we can satisfy your needs.
Is the Easy Travel only available in Australia?
The Easy Travel has become popular around the world including USA, Canada, Europe and Japan due to its unique portable folding feature. Liberty Portable Mobility Systems are proud to have been appointed the sole Australian distributor.
How can I pay for the Liberty Easy Travel?
We accept Master Card, Visa credit cards including EFT and Bank Cheque.
How much does the Easy Travel cost?
Prices range from $1995 to $2395 excl freight. When considering your purchase be sure to take into account that the Liberty Easy Travel is truly portable and requires no expensive van modifications or ramps.
Is the Liberty Easy Travel subject to the medical expenses rebate?
Generally yes, based upon medical certificate. You should check your situation with the ATO.
How is Easy Travel delivered and what is the cost of shipping?
Your Easy Travel will be delivered to your front door, via courier or direct by Liberty portable mobility systems.
What type of battery does the Easy Travel use?
The Liberty range, operate on non-spillable, dry-cell, lead-acid batteries. Total voltage is 24V DC. Lithium batteries are also avaliable at an extra cost.
What is the speed of the Easy Travel?
The Easy Travel 12AMP has a range of aproxiamitly 18Km. Depending on weight, model & inclines. Lithium batteries are far superior but very expensive.
How long does the battery last?
The Easy Travel is available with a 7amp or 12 amp batteries which have a range of up to 10km and 16km respectively depending on the weight, model and inclines. Taking an additional battery as a spare can extend the range up to 26km.
How long does it take to recharge the battery?
The Liberty Range use a modern, high-tech, deep-cycle, rechargeable battery. This means the battery does not develop a "memory", therefore the battery can be topped-up whenever you like - generally overnight. The intelligent battery charger will never overcharge the battery and recharger indicator lights tells you about the status of the battery. So you do not need to let the battery run down before recharging. In the event that the battery is completely discharged, it will take from 7 to 10 hours to fully recharge.
How do I recharge the battery?
You can recharge the battery by plugging the included recharger into the side of the scooter. Alternatively, you could leave the scooter in the trunk of your car. Just bring the battery indoors for recharging. With a mobile power inverter you can recharge your Liberty scooter using your vehicle's cigar lighter.
What is the maximum user weight?
The maximum user weight for the Elite, Classic and Lite scooters is 115kg; the maximum user weight for the Titan is 136kg
What grade is acceptable to a maximum weight user?
10%. This means the Liberty scooters handle an incline of 1 unit over 10 units. For example, the scooter will climb 10cm over a distance of 1 metre.
Will the Easy Travel roll on a slope?
No. The Easy Travel has an automatic electronic brake that will prevent the unit from rolling forwards or backwards on a slope automatically. In other words the Easy Travel will only move when the user moves the hand control lever. The brake is active even when the Easy Travel is switched off and/or the battery is removed.
Can the Easy Travel be transported on an aircraft?
The Easy Travel battery is not restricted for passenger or cargo aircraft. This information is stamped into the case of the Battery Pack. The final decision on how to transport your Easy Travel on an aircraft rests with the individual airline. We have traveled domestically and internationally and Helen has been able to drive the scooter to the aircraft door where it is then put in the hold. We normally remove the battery and take it into the cabin with us. It really makes it easy to travel without the need to push wheelchairs and juggle luggage.
Will the Easy Travel fit into the boot of a car?
The Easy Travel Classic and Elite models will fit into the boot of most cars. The Titan and Lite will fit into the boot of most medium size cars and larger.
Where is the easy travel manufactured?
The Easy Travel is designed and engineered in Israel by Tzora active systems who manufacture and market advanced medical rehabilitation products. Parts and components are manufactured to the highest standards in various parts of the world.
Why is the Liberty scooter called the "Laptop" of scooters?
In modern computer terms, many of our users see the Liberty scooter as the "Laptop" of motorized scooters. Liberty scooters are lightweight and portable, "Desktop" scooters are not. Liberty retain all the features and functionality associated with "Desktop" scooters. Liberty represents the cutting edge of innovative scooter design.
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