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The Lite's portability is achieved through its simple fold and roll step action. The customer simply releases and folds the steering tiller and seat. The Lite is then ready to roll to the vehicle for storage and transport to the destination.

The convenience benefits of the Lite include the ability to remove the battery pack and take it indoors for easy charging, and the minimal storage space required for the scooter. Simply stand the unit up for easy storage in a closet or hallway. This makes the Lite the perfect unit for apartments, smaller homes and for travel, including cruises.

Comfort on the Lite is provided by the full size Easy Travel seat. The seat provides contoured comfort in both the seat and rear cushions.

The Lite's rear drive, sealed trans-axle provides the power and performance that allows customers to use their Lite in a variety of lifestyle activities. The size and weight of the drive unit also complements the portability and convenience benefits of the Lite.

The Lite includes the standard EasyTravel console which features both speed control and an easy-to-read battery meter.

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