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Liberty Portable Mobility Systems :
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Tzora Active Systems Ltd. is an Israeli-based high-tech company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced medical rehabilitation products in two main categories: Powered Mobility Aids and Physical Rehabilitation that enhance and improve the lifestyle of the Age Related Mobility Impaired Population and the handicapped populations.

The company was incorporated as an independent company in January 1997 and is fully owned by Kibbutz Tzora, a private enterprise. The company employs over 55 employees that operate in two main departments - Research and development and assembly. Over 90% of the company's sales are to export markets in over 25 countries.

The main markets are the USA and Europe. During the last few years the company has concentrated efforts in the development of a substantial line of products and distribution networks. These are based on the current penetration rate of new products and the development of new distribution channels.

The company has an ongoing policy of investment in new product development. Aiming to increase performance in the international market and in order to serve its customers more effectively, Tzora Active Systems Ltd. has offices in important locations around the world.

Tzora Active Systems Ltd. seeks to become a global leader in the creating, developing, manufacturing and marketing of unique mobility and exercising solutions for the Age Related Mobility Impaired Population (ARMIP). It is Tzora's vision that our unique, portable and user-friendly mobility solutions will help this aging population live a more independent and active lifestyle.

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